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July 3, 2015
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October 29, 2016

Being an ex-clinical dietitian, I am always feeling grateful to have the opportunity to see things that I would never encounter outside the hospital world. In my previous work life, I saw very sick and critically ill patients on a daily basis. I have been through meaningful journey together with my patients and their family members during my late 20s. Sadly, not all patients were able to make it through the recovery process. 


All these life experiences have formed an important teaching point to me that what matter most in life is to have a good health. Many chronic illness and health complications can be preventable if you start from young. And that’s probably one of the reasons why I choose to work in primary health as I want to spread the message and inspire people to start thinking of their health.


Youth makes us feel invincible and carefree. Our priority is often towards working hard in our chosen career and climbing the corporate ladder in a hope to improve our lifestyle. This comes at the expense of neglecting our health. An average working  individual would have time to invest on a house, car, luxury bags/goods, hobbies or looking for the best private health coverage. However, would all these “investment” worth the effort  if you didn’t have the chance to enjoy it later in your life.


Here are 5 essential wealthy habits you can follow to get control over your health investment and build positive wealthy return later on in life instead of letting your health to control you:


1. Regular body health check – Making sure that you your regular body check up with your GP. Many chronic health disease such as type 2 diabetes or cholesterol problem can be simply detected by blood tests in the early stage. Dietary and lifestyle modifications are the cornerstone of the treatment for  these types of conditions. If you experience any symptoms/abnormalities, always discuss your concerns with you healthcare professional and get proper treatment. Don’t just “googling it” and self diagnose.


2. It’s all about you – Remember, you are responsible for your health. Keep all your health check reports/ results, review it regularly and make sure you start thinking of a plan if any results turn up to be abnormal. For example, if your blood glucose and/or cholesterol levels are higher than normal range, start taking the initiative by looking ways you can do or change in your life to help to improve your conditions. Your GP will be the best person to speak to in regards to your health management plan and direct you to appropriate healthcare professional.


3. Understand your health and educate yourself – Understand your body and what is your current health status. For example, if you have just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, take the time to teach yourself more about diabetes and don’t be afraid to talk to other people or ask for expert advice. Be cautious when you look for medical advice or information over the internet. You need to assess the source of information carefully. There isn’t any quick fix to health problem. Be wary of places offering services or selling products which sounds too good to be true!


4. Be realistic – Just like how you review your yearly financial plan. You need to take a step back to see how well you are doing with your body and health. Aim for 1% improvement everyday. Set yourself an action plan and achievable goals within specific time frame. It builds on dozens of small, daily decisions that eventually help you to form sustainable healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Remember all these small frequent improvements leads to sustainable success. You are literally maximising lots of health return and the valuable time that you have in 20-30 years time, to enjoy precious time with your love one.


5. Keep track – Review your progress regularly as our lives change as time goes by. There are many things that happen in life that we have no control. You may be falling back into your old habits as you are going through different stages of your life. Health may not even be on your priority list anymore until you hear the alarm bell. That’s the reason why you need to review your health status routinely and take appropriate action.


I hope the above tips will inspire you to start thinking about your “new investments plan” and get your health into shape.

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