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January 20, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Recently our team went out for dinner in Crows Nest Sydney to a cheerful Vietnamese eatery called Mama’s Bưởi (boy)Sharing is caring in our small team so we ate in the same fashion experiencing a bit of everything this casual gem had to offer.


What we ate:

[Image Above]

Fresh paper roll with soft shell crab & avocado

Fresh paper roll with BBQ chicken

Coconut wrapped tiger prawns served with kaffir & coconut lime sauce

Pulled duck pancakes with pineapple pickled carrots, mixed herbs & honey

Mama’s Boy’s Bưởi: crisp fried soft-shell crab served atop zesty green papaya & pamelo (bưởi)  salad

Steamed barramundi fillet in banana leaf


Stand out for the night:

The signature paw paw salad that comes with soft shell crab, hands down! It was fresh, full of flavour and textures, with little surprises in every mouthful. The soft shell crab makes this dish a treat for us but you can choose a healthier option like BBQ chicken instead. Everything was prepared in a traditional Vietnamese fashion and the atmosphere created resembled the street food style they are renowned for. Whoever is in the kitchen sure knows what they are doing.


Would we recommend?

Absolutely! Family friendly, kids get to use their hands and get involved in the experience. Great way to introduce them to new foods. The menu had a range of healthy options but also a lot of indulgent options featuring deep fried components like our choices of soft shell crab and tiger prawns. If you’re after a drink, they did have some beers and wine available. We stuck to water this night and kept it simple. Service was basic and at times needed a nudge but it was friendly with smiles all round. No heavy selling of more plates or dessert. If they were to have come around and see if wanted anything more, a fried ice cream was being eyed out by our social media guru and resident Vietnamese expert:) It will definitely be on the order next visit.


we spent ~$30pp for our share experience. Share plates range from $8-$16 depending on size and ingredients used while mains range from $16-$29. We opted for one share plate each and 2 mains to also share. Only one male at our table. I would say 1 share and 1 main each for larger appetites and active people.

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