Our Body Composition Analyser

Can help you to

  1.  Find out if you are losing weight the healthy way – less body fat and build on more muscle!
  2.  Adjust your nutritional plan and exercise program by understanding your body composition reading
  1.  Find out reasons why you are not losing weight or when you hit a weight loss plateau
  2.  Track your visceral fat (fat that surrounds your organs) level which has been shown to link with metabolic disturbances and increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
What you need to know:

To obtain the greatest accuracy, we suggest:

  • With an empty bladder before the analysis
  • When normally hydrated. Avoid strenuous exercise as it can affect your body hydration status
  • Best not to have any food or drink an hour before the measurement
  • Select a consistent time of day when repeating the test
  • Repeat your test on monthly basis (Note: Taking readings more than once per week isn’t beneficial since body fat does not change from day to day)
Body composition is not suitable for the following:
  • People with pacemakers
  • Pregnant women
  • People with metal implants such as hip replacements
  • People with oedema
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