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March 1, 2017
March 9, 2017

Here we are at the beginning of March and what do you have to show for it? Goal setting is something we all do to help provide direction in our lives. It gives us a purpose and something to work towards with the end result being achievement and satisfaction on a personal level. According to psychologists, goal setting is our way of creating motivation and can be used to improve aspects of our lives we are less happy with.


Goal setting is used in therapy for mental illness like depression and anxiety to help rebuild mindsets and turn negative thoughts into positive ones for happiness. Now, I am not sure about you but I might have a few goals made over the new year break that were set for this exact reason, just have not made the achievement list, quite yet…time to check-in and kick myself in the butt and start the journey. After all, I do want to be happy..


You have heard it before but the power of the mind can make anything happen. No, I am not going to preach witchcraft but there are a few things that have helped me that I have learned over the years that might just be effective for you to achieve your goals. My mind power journey started back in the early-mid 00’s being introduced to a book called ‘The Secret’ – a series of stories from people who have become successful by applying a few common practices. It’s about the strength in positive thinking, seeing the good in people and constantly looking to improve yourself in a journey to achieve your vision. Sounding like witchcraft I know, promise I won’t ask you to buy a book or send me your bank account details:) What I will say though is to jump on board with a personal vision board.


For a creative person like myself, this was the most fun. Collecting pictures of things that I wanted to achieve, from materialistic things like bicycles and houses through to skills like being able to run. I made a collage of all of these things and made my fridge become my vision board, my big picture. A place where I would see them everyday and be reminded of their importance to me. Every day I would see different things on that fridge and it made me think about what I was doing each day to get myself closer to achieving them. Over time, I saw myself changing my own behaviour and using those pictures as a trigger to do it. Subconsciously I began to take small steps towards achieving my big picture.


Resolutions for 2017 in the most part can be dumped into a few themed categories:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Financial
  3. Family


Within each, the actual goals will change from one person to the next. Could be weight loss or gain, improve running or complete a particular challenge, eat better, save for a house or car, start a family or even just spend more time with family. Whatever they are, life always seems to get in the way and we lose sight of that big picture we re-set each and every year. Now we are checking in – make a change, start a vision board and get yourself in the mindset to start the change. Be realistic but dream big, never lose sight (literally) of your big picture. Constantly reflect on yourself and don’t blame others for your mishaps or unhappiness. Take control and make the most of your circumstances to your own benefit and personal development.


Being self aware is a great trait to learn and implement in life. Own your life and live your resolution dreams!


Signing out as your motivational guru this week 🙂

Written by
Jenn Madz, Senior Dietitian

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