March 9, 2017
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March 13, 2017

I have always enjoyed travelling – the excitement of unfamiliar territory, meeting new people, exploring new places or just heading back home to see my family is always exhilarating! En-route back to Sydney from Singapore following a short break over Chinese New Year was not a typical trip back home this year. I had a pleasant surprise upon checking in 24 hrs prior to my departure – an upgrade to Business Class courtesy of Qantas Airlines! This was the first time I traveled Qantas Business Class so naturally I was curious about the execution of their service compared to other airlines.


Singapore’s Qantas Airlines lounge is nothing short of extraordinary. The lounge had an inviting feeling with a hawker centre-inspired open grill station, a cocktail bar plus a valet service for top-tier frequent flyers.

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The lounge’s meal service includes a plate of the day tray-around service featuring a mixture of local cuisine of spices and flavours (inspired by Hawker Centre menu) which is served by the friendly Chef and waiters. That’s all alongside the standing menu and an extensive buffet of hot foods, salads bar, desserts and fruits.

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A quick freshen up before boarding the flight was a bliss. The flagship’s showers are spacious, meticulously clean and all guests were treated with high quality amenities. Also not to forget to put on my in-flight beauty routine. Yes! I bring a piece of Face Mask with me when travelling 🙂

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I love the personalisation service of the cabin crew and their attention to details. I was greeted by my name, it’s like they already knew me before meeting! And while I can go in details about what was provided on-board the flight from headsets, amenity kits, pillows and pajamas my attention was more focused on the food & beverage.


The Qantas Business Class’s menu was designed by Rockpool Chef Neil Perry, offering a complete personalised dining experience. With a great selections of foods, drinks and snacks, I opted for:


Supper: Roast chicken breast with almond romesco sauce, potato gratin and broccoli


Breakfast: Brookfarm macadamia toasted muesli with cranberries


So here’s my 5 top tips to eat healthy when you are on a plane:

  1. Stay hydrated and always go with water. Avoid excess energy intake from fruits juice, sweetened carbonated soft drink and the added sugar in your tea and coffee.
  2. Pre-select your meal online. Check the menu and choose the best healthy options. The golden rules are to look for options that contains a variety of vegetables or are vegetables based. Limit food that are creamy, battered or crispy.
  3. Listen to your hunger and fullness cues to guide your food intake. Slow down your eating and take the time to taste and savour your food. Stop when you are feeling full. 
  4. Pick the healthier snacks options. Go with seasonal fruits instead of energy dense foods like ice-cream, chocolate bars or sweet biscuits.
  5. Relax your mind. I like to meditate and listen to music during my midnight flight. For longer haul flights, don’t forget to stretch or get up and walk down the aisle to minimise the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Bon Voyage!

P.S This is not a sponsored post.

Written by

Catherine Chong

Founder of DietitianChong



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